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A Tribute to Kulgha

It is with great sadness on this Christmas day that we need to share the news that one of our members, Kulgha (also known as Karhla), has passed away last week on the 17th of December.

Kulgha had been battling with her illness for some time now, but her optimistic and helpful nature was an inspiration to all of us. She was warm, kind and always giving, and even when she felt poorly, she led events at the Kosh’harg. It’s no surprise, then, that she made many great friendships both in our community as well as outside of it. Which is why I feel we had to share this news a little more publicly as well.

Many of us had a plethora of treasured memories from our RP with Kulgha, who was always fully committed to something once she had a great idea, such as being the clan’s wolf handler. Out of character, too, she had a massive heart and was truly a great person to be around. Several times, she reached out to me when I was in a rather bad spot myself, and I know I’m not the only one for whom she did so for that matter. She truly cared for people, even when barely knowing them and having far worse things on her own mind what with everything that life threw at her.

Aka’Magosh to a wonderful person. You will be sadly missed, Kulgha. The world and Azeroth will be a poorer place now that you’re not in it.

Many thanks to Durgrol for sharing this news with us.
15 Year Anniversary

It's 9 October 2020, which means that the guild is officially 15 years old! To celebrate the occasion, we asked all of our members to speak a few words on why they are still in the guild, what they like about it, their favourite moments and whatever else came to their mind! Though the answers were all given on Discord, a thread has been made with a compilation of everyone's comments and screenshots on the forums here, so go on and have a look to see what members both old and new wanted to share! Here are a few highlighted comments to give an idea of what our members had to say.

You can view the entire 15 Year Anniversary Tribute thread here.

15 years is looooong, and it surprises me even more that I've been here nearly 10 of those 15 years. Only few still rp right now from around the time I joined, people went away, others joined. Many friends were made over time <3 And many of my IRL friends are in here as well, which makes it extra special because I can enjoy some time with all of you online even though we live pretty far away from one another.

The thing I most appreciate here though is the way we stand together even through tough times (when we moved to AD for example) and the community is just a very strong thing, which I hope will stay around for a long time still! <3 Ya'll great.

-Rhonya / Kyrazha / Meri

Having so many friends within the guild, and others too, always asking when I would come back, always warmed my heart!
Even on my undead I was always welcome to tag along, and gosh that where great times as well!
It always felt like coming home, and no one ever blamed me for leaving for a while again.
But now that I have a lot more experience, and my new char it's a big difference.
I'm where I should be, with all of you crazies, those I know IRL but also those only online, you are all amazing, and cant wait for many more years with all of you. <3

-Eliff / Realyn

You guys aren’t just my roleplay bit on the side, your my online family. No matter what happens to the World of Warcraft in the future, I will remain in this community forever, thus is the blood bond in-game and out.


Orcs of the Red Blade is more than a guild-tag in a video game. It's a family, a community that supports each other through thick and through thin. It's your best friends sharing your favourite hobby. It's your agony aunts with an open ear to hear your worries. It's your boost of encouragement when you need that final push. 15 years doesn't just create amazing role-playing campaigns and character depth; it creates an established environment where you can feel safe, where you can feel wanted, no matter how much or how little you contribute. It's one in a million. Thank you OotRB. For the Blood!


I've had fun. Lots of fun, with most of you. You people are crazy and unbelievable at times, so forgiving and friendly and loving - it just blows my mind. I've been through quite a few guilds in my 15 years in this game and none have reached the level of humanity you lot did. I've been in guilds where tight-knit groups existed. The officers eventually turned on us. I've been to guilds that were run by families and claimed to treat each other like family. Bull@$&^. This community is one of a kind and I would not trade it for any other, even if I complain and you have to drag me screaming to events. Koz and everyone here, you've build something unique.


Orcs of the Red Blade has been a super welcoming and warm community to me from the day I met them at the Kosh'harg festival of spring 2019. Of all guilds on our realm, this is quite possibly the one with the most rich and deep guild culture. When I unexpectedly had nothing to do for 3 weeks, they let me tag along on their well-written Nazmir guild campaign despite the fact I was low level, wanted to remain guildless, and didn't ask until the day of departure itself. Thank you to every single member, and congrats on your monumental anniversary achievement!


This is a very open, welcoming community. I posted in #negativity_and_ranting last week and the kind and sweet responses made all teary eyed. Also channels like #positivity_and_appreciation or the adorable photos in #photo_and_image_channel really add to the wholesome vibes. In-game I feel like there's this chill and caring atmosphere as well. I often have anxiety about the quality of my RP but the encouragement of people when I voice those doubts help dismiss them.
I feel safe and welcome in this guild in a way I've not felt in a long time. <3


I'm so new here I barely feel that I should comment but I can honestly say that I have not felt so welcome, encouraged and understood more in years. People so willing to lift others and help; to offer honest critique rather than snaps or negativity; to just be a family both IC and OOC. In my short time here it has been a confidence boost and a spur to get me back into doing the RP I love so much.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this guild, this family and I hope it will continue for many more years to come.


Website Update

It may have been a while since our last front page update, but rest assured that we are still very much alive and kicking both in-game and on Discord! To complement that fact, however, I've decided to give the website a little update so that every function is (hopefully) working properly again. Please let me know if you end up encountering any more issues. Expect an update with new banners of currently active members to shine at the top of the website soon enough as well!

Remember that, as always, we are still recruiting! So if you are interested in giving having a taste of a bit of authentic orc life, feel free to seek us out and find out what we're all about! Applications no longer require forum approval, so it's as easy as seeking us out in-game for an in-character meeting and interview!

See you in Azeroth!



Brothers and sisters,

It’s Midsummer again, the world will be heating up, but that isn’t the only flame that has arisen. Our oath to the Shattered Shield demanded that we would defend Zandalar and our allies, it’s been a troubling campaign where it’s tested our honour. Some of the practises used by our allies went directly against out code, we’ve decided to continue fighting as it’s better to try and change this from within. You have my word, the Elders of the clan will discuss this at the next Shattered Shield moot.

We’ve given a oath to the Shattered Shield, oaths shouldn’t be broken or walked away from. Remember that orcs, we were all New Blood’s once upon a time, you know what it means to swear it by blood! Recently within the clan, a few have decided to turn their backs on it. That speaks more for them then us, for now we need to stay strong and united.

The Path of Cunning was officially unveiled at the last clan gathering, Kor’kosh Ironaxe expressed his concerns about this. I gave him my word that it would be a boon to us all, we have to trust in our pantheon of death, Sharguul. The Path of Cunning will make us stronger, it will investigate and defend the clan from the shadows. Those that wish to switch their path should seek out Razaron Madeye, Vraxxar Wildmark, Kyrazha Throatrender or Kai’gron Ripclaw.

I must also address that Karnna Blackfeather has disappeared, the Varog’Gor will not rest till she is found.

On other news the Tournaments of the Blades was once again held, the defending champion, I, Razaron Madeye was competing. Kargnar Bloodpaw faced me in the final and after a hard fought duel, it was me, Madeye that came out on top. It looks like my little hiccup with death hasn’t effected my moves.

The Wor’aggar that was delayed because of our trip to Nazmir will take place at the end of the month. By then the Alliance should of been routed out of Zandalar and the celebrations will take place. Take your time and rest, for it won’t belong before the winds of change stir up again.

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Gorosh (July) Events

Named in honor of the element of fire, Gorosh, Fire's Heart, marks the warmest time of year when the sun reaches its highest point. In addition to Gorosh being the month in which the element of fire is at its strongest, it is also the month in which animal spirits begin to appear more freely and may become more common to encounter. The season would additionally be an ideal time to set out into the wide world, nurturing adventure, wildness and freedom.

[Event Chains] Murder of Crows
Nearby the Red Blade encampment a flock of crows can be seen in the distance something is off about them. This will take up the orcs time, it’ll start on the 9th of Gorosh and finish on 14th. Seek out Karnna Blackfeather.

[Event] The Cult of the Red Candle
The Red Blades recieved a missive from Stonetalon Mountains, requesting aid to help their spiritual elder pass peacefully into the next life. Curiously, the mysterious note directs them west of Malaka’jin, to the kobold caves in the southeast. Those that want to offer their help should find Morgkha on the 20th of Gorosh.  

[Festival] Wor’aggar
Wor'aggar, or the Festival of the Wolf, signifies the coming of Spring and the time to celebrate the renewal of life. Traditionally, this would have been the time for the clan to migrate to new lands and ask the spirits for good tidings. Offerings are made to both Akala to pray for a fertile season and to Kavara for a bountiful hunt. This is a cheerful occasion all around, involving dance, drink, stories and songs.

The Wor’aggar will take place for three days, starting on the 26th of Gorosh!

[Event] Trials of The Black Moon
The Night Elves are causing the Horde trouble in Feralas, we will join with our allies to push them back. The leader of the Rastari Pact, Zul’rohk will lead us in to the deep forests, the Night Elves are seeking revenge and we should not underestimate them! This campaign will take place on the 31st of Gorosh and last for a week.


[IC] Clan Gathering
Every month is another chance to get everyone together to discuss the latest issues that effect the clan. This moot will take place on more familiar grounds, by the tree on Razor Hill, Durotar.
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